There are many ways to spend your stay at Terramia Estate. Some prefer to venture into the area, there is so much to see! Others prefer to stay in their nest, enjoy some of our internal activities, and just relax. here some ideas.

Inside ideas

Coffee culture is full of stories and experiences that turn each cup into a unique journey around the world until reaching Colombia.
This delicious drink originates from Africa, exactly from Ethiopia in the Arabic variety, which is what we produce in Colombia. Its main characteristic is its softness, thanks to our biodiversity and altitude, the range of cup profiles includes exquisite floral and fruit flavors. , sweet and sour that make our country a recognized coffee-growing territory par excellence.
We can find different preparations, each one with the power to enhance the fragrance, sweetness or acidity that characterize our coffee.

Learn about the history of our flagship drink that carries the legacy of tradition, culture, flavor and aromas that have made our coffee one of the best in the world.

Coffee Tour

We provide a coffee experience, tour our coffee plantations, the same ones that produce one of the best coffees in the world, learn how it is processed, how we take it from the field to the cup

Bird Watching

Wake up early to be guided to the multicolored experience of meeting the birds that live with us. add it after booking your stay.

A paradise for lovers of bird watching, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (SNSM) is considered the most important center of continental endemism in the world.

Its avifauna is undoubtedly one of the most attractive aspects, since it has more than 600 species, which are equivalent to 35% of all the birds registered in Colombia, about 7% of the birds in the world, of which there are about 28 species. and 42 unique endemic subspecies to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Longer day trip ideas

There are many places worth an extra day!

Find yourself immersed in a native forest, the play of light passing through the leaves, the relaxing sound of falling water, the cool current of the river, find the intense sensation of calm and tranquility. This is the opportunity to escape to a magical place of total disconnection

Visit to the waterfalls

Located 20 minutes by car from Terramia Estate, this waterfall stands out from most for its semi-private status, the road to get there is through a dense tropical humid forest. The water does not stop flowing throughout the year and forms a lake suitable for swimming, with a fun natural stone slide. You can't miss this plan, add it after booking your stay.

Explore our Nests and find the one that suits you the best!

Everything you need to know for your stay with us

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