Inca Coliblanco Nest

Terramia Estate is a unique ecological dome on the highest coastal mountain in the world, away from city life, it is the perfect place for all adventurous travelers

This nest has it all in one environment, a tidy and fully equipped kitchen, we have a cozy living room / rest area right in front of the window, a romantic dining room with two seats for a special dinner or breakfast. There is a Queen size bed and bathroom with outside shower. If you go out you will find the cool breeze from the mountains that will accompany you while you enjoy a hot bath in the jacuzzi in the jungle, all with views of the Caribbean Sea and the Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta, here every sunset paints the horizon in an unforgettable way. The starry nights in the heat of our campfire will also be memorable.


In the kitchen you will always find coffee from our farm, salt and pepper. We have a water filter that you can use, our water is taken from a spring and is not intervened by people on their way. You can bring all the ingredients you prefer to your Nest, if you don't feel like cooking, don't worry, we have a delicious Menu: We offer prepared breakfasts and dinners and lunches to enjoy half a day at the bbq. We don't have a restaurant, but you can enjoy meals in the privacy of your Nest.

Our average temperature is 23 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night, so there is no need for air conditioning or a fan. It can be very cold up here.


During your stay, towels are provided every other day, always clean. If you require a change more frequently, please let us know when you enter

Terramia Estate is home to two German shepherd dogs Hassam and Dalia, they are super cute and cuddly, they are the best security for the night. Do not book, if you have allergies or if you do not want to be around animals.


The view from the Inca Coliblanco nest focuses on a panoramic view of the Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta (freshwater) and the Caribbean Sea (saltwater), wait for nightfall, if you are lucky you will see Barranquilla emerge in the Horizon

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